Surface 2 Promo Code- The Most Productive Tablet at a Price that Fits your Purse

Surface 2 is the next generation of Surface tablets- super-productive, uber-light and strikingly ultra-modern. With a more powerful processor, longer battery life, free additional SkyDrive storage, unlimited Skype minutes, more pre-included Office apps and flexible kickstand positioning, Surface 2 more than makes up what the Surface fell short of. Try the next generation tablet, incredibly cheap with Microsoft Surface 2 promo code.

The original Surface was Microsoft’s first tablet-child. In a market that was already floored with monstrous brands like the Apple’s iPad, Surface nonetheless managed to make space. Not only that, with revolutionary features like the kickstand, the click-in covers and dual webcams; Surface quickly claimed mass popularity as well.

Microsoft Surface 2 RT & Surface Pro 2

However, where the audience slapped its back with accolades on some grounds, there were pain points where Surface drew flak as well. Microsoft assimilated these feedbacks, re-worked on its baby meticulously and is now ready with Surface 2- a ripe, mature product that more than meets expectations.

A tad more expensive than the original Surface, it can hardly make a difference to your purse, if you smart-shop with Microsoft promo code Surface 2. The marginal rise in price however seems negligible once you’re apprised of the improvements the product has undergone. It took almost 18 months of brainstorming and hard work to turn out the revamped product, and in these 18 months, Microsoft worked on several aspects of the machine.

To begin with, Surface 2 is lighter and slimmer than Surface. Against the original Surface’s 9.30mm thickness, the new Surface is sleeker at 8.9mm, and also weighs less than 1.5 lbs. A bold and beautiful beast of a machine, it comes cheap with promo code Surface 2.

It has an improved battery life as well, so where the earlier Surface gave 8 hours of battery life, Surface 2 has a battery that runs for as long as 10 hours. Once charged up, it will last you an entire day of rigorous work and can even survive those busy hour of work squeezed in on long transatlantic flights! Experience the horsepower cheap with Microsoft Surface 2 coupon code.

Office apps on Surface 2 now also include Outlook. Plus, you’ll get free additional SkyDrive space of 200 GB for 2 years and unlimited Skype minutes as well. Surface 2 is fitted with a faster processor; it now runs on NVIDIA Tegra Processor 4. Now, experience lightning speed, super cheap with Microsoft Surface 2 promotional code.

With Surface 2, Microsoft has addressed one of the most pressing problems with Surface. The kickstand that earlier was angled at 22.5 degrees now has an alternate angle at 46 degrees as well. So no matter what you’re doing – working, gaming or watching a movie, your kickstand can afford just the right gradient. Experience the convenience cheap with promo code for Surface 2.

Surface 2 is open for pre-orders now. Alternatively, look out for Surface 2 promo code for a cheaper buy!